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Week 27: In Progress

The 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge project by KatersAcres has been great for me to get posting regularly again but it’s supposed to be for completed pieces each week. Most weeks my completed pieces are beads so this is easy peasy but this week, somehow, nothing that got finished got a vanity shot before it headed out the shop door. So we have an in progress sort of week.


There are beads being drilled and varnished. This is a mainstay in the shop. I have little buckets for each stage – needs holes, needs sanding, needs varnish, needs sorting. Some beads just get holes and then jump to the last stage. Some linger until there’s enough to run the tumbler. As orders come in I make a few extras to add shop stock or make finished pieces of my own so sometimes the beads pile up into interesting collections.


On the other end of the work bench – I have an old, 12 foot counter I use as a work bench – are some sheets of clay getting covered. They will be used for a crochet hook experiment. Covering the hooks should be fairly straightforward but it’ll be the first time I’ve tried a CA(cyanoacrylate or super glue) finish on a piece. There will be a few experiment beads *first*. The finish on the sample piece someone sent me is lovely so I’d be happy to add it to my repertoire if the process isn’t too crazy.

Week 3: In Progress

Beads in Progress

I’ve always got some clay work in the queue even if it’s just a bowl of beads that needs holes, little critters that need that last dot added to their eyes or canes that need their centres. The beads above are some representatives from the: drill me and varnish me dishes, respectively. And yes, there are little bowls with labels on them in my studio.

Canes in Progress

Canes are a drawn out process in my studio. I often bribe or bully my kiddo into making blends for me and she’ll work her way through a few pounds worth. This makes a fair number of canes (I can small for a production crafter) over the next week and months. These are finishing up the box of blends she did for me in November. I just need to find where I put the cane flower centres down…

Combining Bits

On a regular day my studio looks like a small bead store and about 30 pounds of clay got together and exploded. There are a dozen small projects in progress on one table or the other at a given time and that’s fine.


As projects get finished or tried out there’s always bits and bobs left. This bargello wasn’t actually a project but an experiment. I’d never made one you see. So, after I saw a Pin about it on Pinterest, I took a few pieces of blend and made a chunk. It’s lovely.


This here – the white lump – is a snowman in progress. It’ll get little wire arms and faux coal eyes. And now, I’m thinking, it will have a little scarf made from strips of bargello cane.

The more common combining of bits tends to be when all the dark coloured crumbs on the clay table get rolled together, marbled, and made into flower centres. Most of the centres of my flower canes and beads are made like that.

How do you make the odds and ends in your crafty area work together?