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Halloween and Christmas and New Stuff… oh my

I know. It’s August. It’s still summer. And I’ve had a lot of this autumn goodness out in the shop most of the year anyways. Humour me, though. This is the start of the roll out of the fall themed goodies to the Tooaquarius Etsy shop.

1. Pumpkin Beads 2. Black Cat Beads 3. Boo Beads 4. Poinsettia Cane Group 5. Black Cat Stripe Beads 6. Snowflake Canes 7. Hot Sauce Canes 8. Jack O Lantern Canes 9. Starlight Mint Canes 10. Raven Beads 11. Starlight Mint Beads 12. Sunflower Cane Set 13. Jack O Lantern Beads 14. Fall Leaf Beads 15. Red Poinsettia Canes

You can also find most of the seasonal stuff in the section for it!

Halloween is Coming

Even though spring 2020 was about 3 years long and summer is barely here I’m prepping my online shops for fall stuff because a) shipping is taking FOREVER and b) I really like Halloween things. They’re fun to make. They run the gamut from spooky to silly. I made a fresh Jack O Lantern and a silly cobweb bead. There will be another black cat against the moon bead and some more Halloween themed canes – you can keep an eye on what shows up in my Etsy shop for Halloween goods here.

In a sort of reverse chronology I’ll also have some autumn leaves (and just a lot more leaves in general) showing up in my Etsy shop (and my site shop, after) next week and then we’ll be onto the Christmas in July releases.

Getting A Jump On Things

I already sort of work on off-season items like Christmas ornaments all year long but this year – what with the #covid19 pandemic and the resulting everything by mail – I figured I would try harder to do fall and Christmas stuff well in advance.

Tentatively, fall and Halloween to go live in June and then Christmas to roll out in July. This helps with selling the stuff, of course, but also with the insanely slow mail. With all the safety precautions and all of the extra order by mail volume… mail service hasn’t been so speedy. And I worry a little that the US will just dissolve their federal postal service, stranding a lot of us who sell and buy from there.

Anyways, I’m experimenting with more vibrant pumpkins! This one rocked as a pumpkin and then I sort of wrecked it as a crooked little jack o’ lantern. Luckily, I loaded up on fresh orange clay! More pumpkin canes coming right up!