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Big Huge Goals

I’m not always a fan of New Year’s resolutions because they seem to almost invite the inevitable failure but I am always making new goals (and I make them or I don’t, I think the failure is valuable as long as you made an effort). So, for 2012, I have a few clay and business related ones to share with my world. You guys can keep me honest since it turns out goals you make in front of people have a better chance of success due to the idea that you’ll be held accountable.

  • Pick up the pace on my blogging here and on CraftGossip both in volume and content
  • Get into the tutorial-for-sale market. I have a few ready to go. Just a matter of putting them out there
  • Work on surface, texture and sculpting related techniques
  • Improve my jewellery finish work
  • Learn how to make molds, stamps, screens, texture sheets, cutters and stencils. Some to use for clay, some to learn how it’s all done
  • Improve my bookkeeping and organizational skills. Wish me luck, this is my biggest challenge
  • Use all of the above to improve my business and income

Looking Ahead

Waiting for Santa

I can’t hide it. I’m an incurable optimist. I think I must always have been, even in my downest moments. So every year I do make resolutions and goals and lots of thinking about the year ahead. I do it at other times during the year too but there’s something so neat and fresh about a new calendar year. Here’s a few of my mostly art and work related ones – it’s hard to separate my personal life goals from my business life goals since I picked work that was part of both so there’s some crossover here!

  1. The big financial one, of course: I’d like to double my craft sales again. Online or offline or both
  2. Try a whole bunch of new clay techniques. Transfers, more abstract canes, sculpting…
  3. In the same vein: try a whole bunch more new jewellery making techniques like more advanced metal and wire work and resins
  4. Get back in the swing of things with my graphic art and design software
  5. The above because I want to get my photography mojo back. It’s been more than 10 years since I was really into it
  6. Get an article published. In paper. In a craft mag!
  7. Become more active. The life one that snuck in to the list. We have rackets and a membership now. Wish me luck
  8. Write a whole heck of a lot more. Blog, post, letters, notes, lists, tutorials, chats… everything
  9. Continue streamlining and organizing my professional work life. Keep on with the “little improvement” routine
  10. Remember: less stuff, more people and more doing


“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

– from Alice in Wonderland

I was looking at a complicated and long list of To-Do items for the next several months and trying to break them down, fit them into my schedule and mark out what resources (material, people, location) were needed for them.

It was a little overwhelming and I had one of those moments of Where Do I Begin? Which put me in mind of the above quote from Alice in Wonderland. Where am I going? What is the goal? And what are the priorities along the way.

Once I did the little bit of introspection I was able to pick a spot to start at. Where are YOU all going?