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The Best Laid Plans


2016 crept in while I was looking the other way. Probably while I was painting some more walls in my studio.

I met a lot of my clay goals in 2015. Best show ever? That was Sundog 2015, in December. Best Etsy month and Best Etsy Year? Yep, both happened in 2015 (best month was March, which is usually my best month).

Some I inevitably missed. Didn’t finish up that Polymer Clay Challenge, for example. So I’m doing it again. It wasn’t that I didn’t clay and didn’t take pictures…I just didn’t blog it and share with the challenge group. Luckily, they’ll let me play again.

So I have 5 clay-work related goals to do for 2016. I mean, there’s MORE I want to do but let’s keep the list easy and checkable.

  1. Do the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge – or at least get further than last time! I mean I’m going to clay all year again, so this keeps me publicly talking about it
  2. Get to 500 items on Etsy, in my Tooaquarius shop – if you haven’t been doing Etsy for long, this sounds like a lot but I have lots and lots of canes and beads and buttons and such. I’m just a procrastinator on putting stuff up. My shop is usually between 250 and 300 items so this isn’t too crazy
  3. Put my first paid tutorials out – again, for the Etsy shop. This is sort of a natural progression. I’ve written free ones. I’ve taught. I explain to random people who wander into my shop how ridiculously complicated canes go together. Which confuses civilians by the way.
  4. Sculpt more – this is just a reminder that I’m having fun with 3d work and I’m not bad at it and should keep playing with it.
  5. Teach more – I taught a few classes last year but a lot of the year was spent getting my studio and physical shop space working for me. Now, back to regular classes. Classes are good because the force me to be organized and to be productive. Students also make you question and improve.

What kind of clay things are you guys tackling this year? Or regular life things?

The bird beads are a catching up on stuff I meant to make. The bluebirds in particular have been on my list of Should Make That for years.

Wrapping Up 2012

Christmas Tree

There’s our perky little Christmas tree all lit up and cheery! Some years I grumble about the work of decorating (even the small amount I do) but the kidlet’s eyes light up and she makes cute little awwwww noises every time we turn the tree lights on so there we go. Plus, let’s face it, these days she can do most of it herself which makes it easier for me to pitch in.

Our 2012 wrapped up with the usual crazy flurry of family visits, last minute colds, abundant feasting, generous gifts and winter weather. Today is the first day with the family back at school and their day job and I am spending the day taking stock.

First order of business will be cleaning and counting and organizing – finishing up the year end papers and setting up for 2013. One of the resolutions I stuck with in 2012 was greatly improving my filing which has made that task so much simpler. Herding the random clay, beads, finding and other inventory back to their homes? Well, that’ll be more work.

I’m a little slow this year on deciding what I want to focus on for 2013 but I have a feeling it’ll be more technical things. In my world the clay and the computers and the electronics and tools all mix and mash into wonderful chaos so this mostly just means I’ll be exploring a lot of the tools and geeky aids for my crafty empire. It always helps me tolearn if I have a project to apply the lessons to and I’ve been lucky enough that my polymer clay job has always given my techy side lots of projects to use.

Anyone else have goals, projects and resolutions they’re planning on tackling for 2013? I always assume most people aim for the basic self improvement – be a little more happy, healthy, kind so I always try to make specific goals above and beyond that.

Goals and Ramblings

Blue Flowers

I picked out this long list of projects, goals and milestones for the year and one of those was to work harder on my blogs and sites. It wasn’t an actual focus-on-it goal until April though so it explains why April has suddenly gotten a heckuva lot more in the way posts than previous months.

This month will see some serious blogging done as well as tearing apart the shop and other toys that are part of the site. The goal here is to have a working online presence separate from the ones I maintain on Etsy and Artfire. I love my other spots but this is supposed to be home and I should work on it feeling like it.

The offline goal for this month has been to get moving a lot more and I’ve been good about that. Timed it right with the improving weather. I’ve spent a little time hauling weeds out of the yard, finding and setting up my gardening stuff and walking places more than the strict minimum. I always find I take much longer than the 3 weeks it says to build a habit but I’d like it to become habitual – working from home was supposed to be the way to allow some flexibility in my schedule and that needs to include room for health as well as work.

The pic of the cute blue flowers? It has nothing to do with the post except that I like them. The actual beads are available on Etsy if you like them too.