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Polymer on Glass

I see it’s been ages since I wrote in here which I have only myself to blame for! Life has been nicely busy (that would be not quite panic level insane) and I’ve had the chance to get lots done, new pieces made and to curse and complain about the Canadian postal system. Right now, the local art gallery has their Summer Salon, a juried invite-only show of local professional artists. I have 4 pieces in it and I’m just tickled pink. Here are the pieces and a couple others:

Sea Garden Vase

This vase is actually canes sandwiched between glass and a very very thin layer of translucent. It ended up being the most glass like of all the vases but I found I liked the way the ones done the other way looked better. Go figure. Experimentation is good.

The Prairie Bowl

This is my prairie bowl – there are rows and swirls of wheat, prairie lilies, wild roses all nestled under a “sky” of blue and white flowers.

Golden Vase

This little guy is all warm golds and rusts. Not my colours at all but it is such a happy piece.

Black and White

This has the most votes from friends so far – classic black and white I guess!

The Baby Vases

These three started off as one. Then I figured it needed friends in every colour of the rainbow. I still have a good chunk of the rainbow left to go but I’m off to a good start!

Year of Clay – Flower on a Necklace

I have been making these tsumami kanzashi-inspired, faux fabric, clay flowers for almost 4 years now. And I have made many, many hundreds. Have I used more than a few? No. They sell even as ‘beads’ at shows but I don’t think I’ve done a thing with them. So I decided this after noon I would turn the larger one from the weekend’s batch into a pendant one way or the other!

clay kanzashi necklace

I stared at the pendant for a while and was lacking inspiration – I am out of practice with jewelry design! – but I didn’t think my usual leather choker was going to do it for this one. In the end, I settled for two strands of glass beads. The pendant is large enough (about 2.5″) to hide the front clasp attachment and the necklace is nice and light.