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Backgroundless Flower Canes

More than a few of the beads I make are little shaped slices of flower canes. They, mostly, have no backgrounds to them and I guess that’s a bit of a trick. So I made a couple of videos about how I do that.

The first takes a petal cane – which could be anything, including a chunk of plain clay – I made from the scraps of blends in my box through making a flower cane. The second makes two types of beads from that cane, preserving the no background bit and resulting in flower shaped slice beads.

Backgroundless Flower Cane video
Backgoundless Flower Cane Beads video

On the Clay Table

My peeps – that would be my kiddo and my guy – made me a nice stack of blends to use a few weeks ago. I’ve been using them for canes here and there but got the chance to crank out a little stack the other day:

The Latest

For my ambitious upcoming plans there’s a heck of a lot of canes needed so the next few months will be canes and caned beads. Lots and lots of that.