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Canada, eh

I made another Canada Flag cane – it’s been a few years since the last try! – and this one came out somewhat more random and creative than I intended. It’s obvious what it’s supposed to be but the maple leaf looks more like a splat than a leaf in a lot of them!

Flag canes

However, the little sliced beads are going to be my bowl of giveaways at my show this weekend. If you slide it on a safety pin with a couple seed beads, they make cute little Canada Day pins.

Tray of Slices

Year of Clay – O Canada

This is a week early I suppose – Canada Day isn’t until July 1st – but I was pretty happy with the cane! You can see that cane here on my Flickr. I used it to make some very simple slice beads and pendants, strung on satin-type cord with sliding knots.  This was probably my first ‘cookie cutter’ cane though I didn’t make it with a cookie cutter. I cut around a drawn design. The process is the same though. Now I have a head full of ideas for other similar canes!

canada flag polymer clay beads