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The Fall Sale!

This is it! What you’ve all been waiting for! The Etsy Alberta Team’s Fall Sale begins today October 14 and runs thru October 21. I’m offering 20% off in my Etsy shops if you use the coupon code HALLOWEEN during checkout. A lot of the team is participating so make sure and check out the list for some fabulous deals!

And, as usual, the cane shop on Etsy is all in as well. Check Claychicks out for you polymer clay canes needs!

Shows and Shows and More Shows

Figured I’d give you all the heads up on where I’ll be and what’s going on for the next six weeks or so! With the big WDM show done, my bigger shows are all wrapped up. I get to relax and do the local ones now and concentrate on my online.

  • October 23, 10-4 – Craft Fair @ Herbert School – Herbert, SK
  • November 6 & 7 10-6 – Fall Gun & Hobby Show – Swift Current SK
  • November 13, 10-5 – Trade Show at the Entrepreneurial Centre – Swift Current, SK
  • December 4, 10-5 – Craft and Gift Show at the Entrepreneurial Centre – Swift Current, SK

That last one is our first effort at running a small local show. I always want a show in December and none were showing up! So Cindy and I decided we’d do one ourselves. Next year we’ll stage a repeat if we make it through this one though it will likely be a week later. There’s a big show or two I’m planning on attending that weekend in 2011…

Pardon the awful picture but here are some of freshest batch of pins for this weekends show. They will get cute little cards and then boxes, to make them perfect teacher or auntie gifts.

Snowblobs and Penguins

As I mentioned, I did the show at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon (it was fun, and the venue is worth a visit no matter what) and here is a picture of the new displays in action:

Trees and Jewelry

We’re already researching what the list will be like next year – a little more ambitious, now that I have two falls in Saskatchewan under my belt. How are YOUR plans going?

Welcome, Fall

Lisa from Polkadot had this great idea and I figured I’d join in. When I was little I thought it was called ‘Fall’ because the leaves fell.

The Park Bench

It’s still pretty much how I feel about it.

The Courtyard

In Calgary, the leaves often fall from the trees in August because the climate is arid – the trees lose their leaves in the summer because of the drought. This year the spring was wet but mild and the summer was wet enough. It hasn’t even really gotten chill and while the nights are hovering at freezing the days are lovely, summer like still. However, the leaves have started to fall and so it’s definitely time to welcome Fall.

fall beadsleavesbright fall colours

My veggies are long picked and eaten because the plants have “We’re cold.” damage by the end of August here but I have kind of fall toned beads! Those count right?