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What To Do With Christmas Slice Beads

I call all the beads that are simple, chunky slices off my canes slice beads. I mean, technically, most of the beads I make are slice beads but a lot of them get other treatments after the slice. Not so my slice beads. And this fall I made a whole bunch of Christmas and winter designs starting with these guys (linked to their Etsy spots):

So what do you with this type of bead? I usually start with earrings. Since these are pretty small, they make great, lightweight earrings. I use a few little accent findings and tiny stone or glass beads on the headpin with them and voila, fun little earrings.

The Spring Made in Canada Show – Part 1

This Saturday will be our Etsy Saskatchewan teams first Spring Made in Canada show. Part 1 is in Regina, at the University. Next Saturday will be in Saskatoon at Station 20 West, a great community use building.

Check out our Facebook event page for all the details. We’ll even have Etsy gift card giveaways for folks to use at the show. There are demos – I’ll be demo-ing little clay creatures at my booth – and free workshops to attend.