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Pandemic Craft Shows

All of the events I registered for this year were cancelled. I agree with that – none of us wants to become ill or make others ill – but it makes 2020 a miserable little year for shows.

It isn’t surprising then that all sorts of groups are putting on virtual tradeshows. These vary in approaches and, being a good little web based business, I’ve been cautious about signing up. I finally decided to give the Etsy Canada branded ones a shot. I’m missing my buds and these should be people who are fairly experienced with online sales.

My Etsy Saskatchewan group one runs November 7 & 8 and then one I’m joining On the Spot Pop Up (Edmonton) Etsy for is the weekend after, November 14 & 15. Most of us will be running sales of some sort and offering free local delivery or pickup. Local, of course, is a loaded word when your region has 40,000 people in a 200km radius but we’ll see how this goes.

TL; DR: there’s some good sales coming up in November in my Etsy shop!

Shows and Events for Spring 2020

In an effort to add more shows but also to spread it through the year a bit – otherwise my fall season gets… ugly – I picked up the Regina leg of the hugely fun Sask Expo. And I signed up as a non vendor for the Maker Faire in Saskatoon. That brings me to:

I try to keep my calendar page kind of updated so you can check there to see what else I’ve gotten myself into!