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DIY Bracelet Display

Make a Bracelet Display

I’m a big fan of DIY. Part of that is because you get neato, original results. Part of that is because the price is often right. My show displays are what I like to call a charming mix of store bought and DIY goodness. I decided I needed a few more bracelet displays since what I use right now just wasn’t doing it for me. Pool noodles to the rescue!

I photographed and posted the grand mess if you’d like to take a peek. I plan on adding some clay beads or buttons to the ends of the rolls and snip threads a little more but it worked out!

Year of Clay – Earring Stand

OK, so this one isn’t really clay but I had to scramble a bit because all I’ve made from clay this week are stacks of Natasha beads. I leave for a couple days of Easter break tomorrow and I had gotten the studio cleaned up.

The stand is based off a design in a sweet book called Beader’s Stash: Designs from America’s Favorite Bead Shops by Laura Levaas. I took the book out of the library in this weeks stack of books and it has other interesting, contemporary designs as well.

Wire Earring Stand

My stand is made from simpler stuff than the one in the book – plain black plastic coated copper wire. It currently sports my favourite pair of citrus slice earrings and a pair made by the amazing Sarah Shriver. I will probably make a few more of these in colours that match my booth setup better but this time, I found the 16 gauge black first!

DIY Clay Tools

The other day Lisa of Polka Dot Creations wrote about some of her DIY tools she uses in her clay work. I plan on nipping a few of the ideas – like the button hole placer! – and I had used a few others myself, already. She goes on to challenge her readers to show their own.

Well, I’ve done the handles for tools like she has. I have a stack of transparencies I use for measuring skinner blends and cane segments – I’ll put those up as a PDF download one day. I have colour chips. I have templates for covering pens like she does for bracelets. I have a string of ‘beads’ that are the beads made from a specific cutter size on a pasta machine sheet setting – say, a 5/8″ circle cut from my #1 setting on my atlas.

baking rackOne that I actually took a picture of is a rack I made to help cook items bigger than my beads or that may have texture on them. I’ve never had much luck with fiberfill or cornstarch. The plus side is, I use this rack for drying items I’ve varnished, as well. In my poinsettia ornament post you can see the ornaments on the skewers in the rack. I baked them on it then varnished them there and then baked the varnish on. A very similar, albeit shorter, rack is sold by PolyTools and was the inspiration for mine.

The rack is made from aluminum flashing – essentially, glorified aluminum foil, in the flashing / siding section at your Home Depot, pretty cheap – and I’ve included a really basic how-to for this thing below: Read more