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Meet DaWanda

I am not an early adopter of things – DaWanda isn’t new – but this could be considered in the early part of the game. DaWanda is a European based handmade crafts venue. It is more strictly regulated than Etsy (people mass producing and mass reselling are investigated and removed when flagged). It has 3 parts; an English site, a German one and a French one and the listings in each do not necessarily appear in all 3. You are asked to have the ability to help customers in each language you post in before posting in it.

All in all I think it’s fascinating. And, so far, listings are free and the commission is a very reasonable %5. I made a shop a bit ago and this Sunday I uploaded a few sets:

OK. So more than a few. All of these canes – or most of them at least – are available in my shop here or I can put them on Etsy for you, instead. If you’d like to be my first buyer on DaWanda I will tuck in an extra cane of your choice from my shop – just message me and let me know!

I am experimenting with how canes shipped with Canada’s Light Packet would do and if they’re fine, then that would allow single boxes of canes to ship to the US for 2.50 which is similar to what we charge on Etsy, for shipping IN the US.