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Shows and Events for Spring 2020

In an effort to add more shows but also to spread it through the year a bit – otherwise my fall season gets… ugly – I picked up the Regina leg of the hugely fun Sask Expo. And I signed up as a non vendor for the Maker Faire in Saskatoon. That brings me to:

I try to keep my calendar page kind of updated so you can check there to see what else I’ve gotten myself into!

Sundog Handcraft Faire

This is where I’ll be this weekend! If you’re anywhere near Saskatoon, you should be too. There’s a great variety of artists and it’s a well run and well attended show.

If you’d like a little more information about Sundog, their website has all the goods.

And, if for some reason, you’re NOT in Saskatoon on the weekend, my Etsy team has a show in Regina. You can look here for all the details about that bit of awesome.

Fall Shows

Sugar Maple Leaves

I realized I hadn’t said anything about the shows I’m doing this fall – in fact, I haven’t said much to you lovely folks lately. I had a fun Highway 1 Studio Tour two weeks ago to kick off my fall. I was at Wildflower Acres this year, near Morse, and if you get a chance you should definitely visit it. Vickie Phillips has a great place full of treasures.

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall Into Christmas, the local Big Show. It’s chock full of handcrafts, tasty treats and wonderful, Canadian made art. I have a corner booth this year that I am woefully unprepared for but I hope you’ll all come and visit and see the new work I’ve been doing. This show is always great and the organizer is fabulously well organized. She uses the show to do a ton of fundraising for the local high school music programs and the local women’s crisis shelter.

Then, later in the season, I’ll be doing the Sundog Handcraft Faire in Saskatoon. This will be my first time doing this show and I’m kind of excited. It runs November 29, 30 & December 1 at Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.