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Show Recap

Lilac Festival

I don’t do many outdoor shows – the Lilac Festival in Calgary is it. I’m always hemming and hawing about doing it too. While all of the shows I’ve done have been dry 3 of them were chilly most of the day and let’s face it, I’m a spoiled house plant sort of chick. This weekend, until the last day, the forecast was for rainy gloom and I drove in expecting a wash of a sale.

Turns out it was sunny, warm and dry the whole day. The best turn out I’ve had and certainly the best sales. The universe laughs at my expectations and sometimes I don’t mind the joke being on me…

Lilac Festival

I could not do this show every year without the help from my folks. They cheerfully give up a Sunday and help with the whole deal. And that wraps year number 5!

What Have You Been Up To?

Flower Dangle Bracelet

Sometimes I look up and time has flown by. Spring finally landed and I’ve been spending a little more time digging around outside. Each year since I’ve moved I’ve tried to work a little more on the gardening and growing stuff thing. I picked up a pottery class to finally try throwing pots on a wheel. Tonight is the night we glaze everything so I will have pieces to take pictures of soon! I told people that everyone gets lop-sided bowls and cups for gifts this year.

Cherry Blossom Necklace

I’ve been topping up my stash of goodies for my show in Calgary this weekend – the Lilac Festival! I’ll be in my same booth, at the east corner of 14th ave and 4th street. This will be my fifth year doing the show. They’re calling for rain so think happy sunny thoughts for me please! Or at least, very little rain and mostly sunny happy thoughts.

Sunshine Pillow Bead Bracelet

After the show I am firming up my summer plans: the Windscape Kite Festival, selling at the Frontier Days, setting the kid up as my assistant and hopefully enjoying the whole summer thing. The fall has already turned into this list of busy-ness to get ready for and yet something about summer always seems to make it seem a little slower and mellower. I guess that’s probably the biggest proof that I am not a farmer. That and the fact that I asked which way to plant the garlic and onions…

The Aftermath

Last week we climbed in the car and headed from Swift Current to Coquitlam. We’re talking 17 hours here folks! I set up for the bead show, sold a few beads. I bought beads too, of course:

Bead Show Goodies

This isn’t the masses I usually grab because there were no great bargains so I just went with the higher end goodies in a small dose. I did have the great fortune to meet or run into other beady types including a few other polymer clay artists. It was so cool to be able to talk clay to others!

After the show we spent a little more time in the Vancouver area and went to the aquarium. I snapped a picture of the jellyfish right before my camera battery died (and, yes, I brought the wrong replacement battery):


All in all the trip was good and educational but as with all travel things I’m happy to be back home in my little comfy studio doing my thing.