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Show Prep!

In 5 weeks I’ll be at the first day of a local event, the Highway 1 Studio Tour, in my studio with a couple of artist friends. We’ll be one of several stops along the stretch of the highway from Beverly to just past Herbert. It’ll be the first of three selling events I have in a row with the Regina Entertainment Expo the weekend after and then the local Fall Into Christmas on the first weekend of October.

I’ve decide this bit of show prep needs some documenting here and on social media! I’m aiming for a mishmash of fall and Christmas themes so we’ll have some spooky holiday stuff. Or as spooky as my leaning into cutesy stuff gets. I am pretty sure if I had to rename my personal art practice now it would be Cats & Critters with a Side of Flowers.

So far I’ve got some new fall coloured mushroom fairy houses and a whole bunch of cat mugs in progress. There’s a pile of drying bowls waiting for painting. TONS of ornament blanks which will become little birds and dragons and cats soon enough. And monsters. There’s a selection of adorable beads and canes ready to be made into this season’s earrings, necklaces, and bookmarks.

And, as per usual, I’m behind and a bit overwhelmed so hey why not add to that or maybe vent a bit about it online!