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Colour Chips Redux

Chips Redux

Six, almost seven now, years ago I remember making my colour chips. I found the post on here when I finally buckled down and put up the pages with my recipes but I made the chips six months before that in January and February.

These days I work almost exclusively with Premo and the colours that are available have changed. This means it’s time for more recipes! I’m not sure which mixes I’ll do but there will be some updates. I’d like to get a few new colour wheels done and I’d really like some more neutrals recipes. And I’ll share the recipes when I’m done!

Turtles and Rainbows

I admit to liking odd titles and weird phrases. This, despite knowing that you have a much better chance of being understood with clear words and simple, descriptive sentences. So I called my classes this weekend Clay Rainbows and Turtle Rocks.

Class Table

It actually WAS descriptive for the classes. The first was the colour version of my basic caning class from last time. We revisited cane construction but using block colouring and Skinner blends. People made everything from flowers to butterfly wings.

Student Canes

My second class, geared to middle schoolers (the people my daughters age! yikes!), was to make ‘Turtle Rocks’. Basically it was to make pet rocks but I wanted a name that was going to catch eye. The actual items for the project class were very loosely inspired by Jon Anderson’s amazing Fimo creatures.

Turtle Rocks!

I walked the kids through how to make a few quick canes, how to wrap and construct the turtle and then I turned them loose on the clay and pasta machines. We ended up with a herd of turtles and critters.

I always comment that I’m a reclusive, introverted cave dweller but classes and shows are fun for me. Probably because I get to pick the time and the audience is generally people enthusiastic about what I’m enthusiastic about. It was a great group but now, I’m exhausted and looking forward to next weekend’s project: the Bead Show.