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Birthday Indulgence

I spent the weekend out of town, visiting family in Calgary. It was nice to take the long weekend off and do random, sociable things. We went to the zoo, tried out Mom’s new hot tub and shopped while we were in civilization. While the rest of North America does Valentine’s, I call it my birthday :p

Birthday Clay Birthday Wire
Birthday Beads Birthday Camera

I grabbed the clay for myself since I lucked out and found it on sale at the same time I was near a craft store. Mom, my enabler, bought me beads. I picked up a few spools of sterling silver wire to try my hand at. And last, but definitely not least, is my new camera.

The cat is already starting to slink away when I pick up the camera. I’ll have to find other guinea pigs.

2008 Kick Off with Thing a Day

Yup, I noticed that 2008 started a month ago. Lashes with wet noodles all ’round here at HQ. It’s not that I haven’t clayed, it’s just that I haven’t gotten organized at all. So in a bid to get my rear in gear, I set more ambitious goals – even if some were less than successful – and decided to concentrate on the move forward.

Towards THAT goal I signed up for the Thing-a-Day at www.thing-a-day.com – someone on the PCC boards mentioned it. I believe she’s one of the same people who got me trying the NaNoWriMo… a whole other story of insanity.

Anyways, the Thing-A-Day is brutally simple. You make something – anything really – a day and then (ah, the catch) post it to their site. For me, there’s an extra catch – I’m going to try for every one of those things to be clay related. Bonus points if I manage that! It runs the 29 days of February and then you all pass out. Or pat yourself on the back.