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Making It Weird

Not super weird. Just a little weird. That would be making the yeti Christmas ornaments today. They owe a little to Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are because it’s just a wonderful book.

I figure after all of the dragon ornaments I need to expand my monsters repertoire. Anybody have ideas for other monsters that could be done in the round?

Catching Up

Polymer clay dragons
Polymer clay dragons

I try not to worry when I’m not as regular as I ought to be with my blog so I’ll jump right back in here with the follow up to the summer post below this. The dragons in the picture got finished up – months later, oops – and I’m doing the last minute preparations for the last and largest of my fall shows.

In the months between now and my last post we’ve done a lot and a little. My family decided we were ready for a kitten (or two!). My daughter began her first year of university. We kept on with the rounds of shop improvements to our building.

I’ve been pretty good about taking pictures of my work and cats and posting to Instagram so I popped a widget for that on the side over there to take a peek at.