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Getting A Jump On Things

I already sort of work on off-season items like Christmas ornaments all year long but this year – what with the #covid19 pandemic and the resulting everything by mail – I figured I would try harder to do fall and Christmas stuff well in advance.

Tentatively, fall and Halloween to go live in June and then Christmas to roll out in July. This helps with selling the stuff, of course, but also with the insanely slow mail. With all the safety precautions and all of the extra order by mail volume… mail service hasn’t been so speedy. And I worry a little that the US will just dissolve their federal postal service, stranding a lot of us who sell and buy from there.

Anyways, I’m experimenting with more vibrant pumpkins! This one rocked as a pumpkin and then I sort of wrecked it as a crooked little jack o’ lantern. Luckily, I loaded up on fresh orange clay! More pumpkin canes coming right up!

Canada Post and the Slot of Doom

One of the challenges of selling online for Canadian vendors is the Slot of Doom, the term of endearment given to Canada Post’s requirement that packages be 2cm or thinner in order to get the best rates to destinations. If you can fit it through the slot of doom, you can get your small, light item to the US for $2.11, to Canadian destinations for $1.18.

If it doesn’t fit, you are looking at $6.50 or more to the US for the next best air mail option and a similar price for Canadian mail! Bit of a jump there.

Bead Packaging

Most of my items happily go through the slot of doom. My beads generally get tucked in a poly bag, several layers of tissue paper and an envelope. The canes were more of an issue.

Stack of canes

Canes SQUISH. So I needed boxes that fit. At the time that I originally bought boxes no one I found had small, jewelry sized boxes under 2cm(13/16″ or so) at a price even in the ballpark of standard boxes. And so I bought a couple cartons of jewelry boxes and my boyfriend trimmed them down to 5/8″ (15-16mm) for me.

A Solution

Voila! It works. And I use it for sending jewelry or more delicate beads as well. It only chafes a bit that I have to gear what I offer online to Canada Post’s restrictions in order to remain competitive with an international market.