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Come Wave at Me

When I was younger I looked forward to the fall because it was a chance for me to hang out with my grandmother, one of my favourite family members. She did craft shows throughout the fall and my grandfather was not the most patient of company. So I went along, made change, kept her company and along the way fell in love with the whole concept of the small, community based craft shows.

Fast forward about twenty years and now I do these mostly on my own or with my mother and daughter (who is about the age I was back then!). My grandmother still comes sometimes to keep me company and demands the stories you collect from these events.

There is my table at the show from last weekend, held by some of the sweetest, best organized folks I have ever met at the Robert McClure United Church here in Calgary. The unsmiling person there is me because I just turned around to face a chortling 9 year old. I promise to smile if you come wave at me this weekend at the Elbow Valley Art and Craft Market!

For the rest of my shows please see my calendar. If you’d like to know where there are an awful lot more Calgary and area craft shows check out my friend’s huge list!