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Bead Table Wednesday: Bracelets

Technically these are no longer on my bead table… I worked on them on the traveling bead table. That would also be known as my lap and the little organizer tray. All of these are my polymer clay flower beads on chunky wire of some sort. I made the sunflower bracelet on the way to the Sunflower Arts Show.

Simple Sunflowers

And this one is hung as a necklace using an extra slip of chain. The bracelets make great statement necklaces. The tiger lily pieces are always popular here, in Saskatchewan, since the flower is very similar to the prairie lily that is the provincial flower.

Lily Bracelet

The violet piece is part of my effort to make beads and jewellery with all of the provincial flowers and favourites other people have mentioned. This one has the provincial flower of New Brunswick plus a few wild petunias and white accent flowers for good measure.

Violets and Petunias

This last little pic is the ice cube tray I use to sort all of the half wired beads I made the bracelets with. My bead table of sorts. It was much prettier when it had all the holes filled with beads… but I got quite a lot done on the trip up to Yorkton.

Traveling Bead Table

You should visit the Bead Table Wednesday group and see what folks are up to.

Beads Baubles and Bowls

Beads, baubles and bowls essentially describes my finished work! Sometimes that’s more apparent than others as I clear the tables and photograph their residents.

Big Mirror Image Beads

This was a big batch of big mirror image beads – the smaller ones are still an inch long – that are fabulous hot colours. They will probably get strung up casually for several vaguely ethnic inspired pieces.

Sea Garden Pillow Bracelet

Here’s a wireworked bracelet (I wired everything before I began clay and it’s still my preferred technique) with a combination of my pillow beads and bead slices. I like the variety you get with the change in type of beads and I am going to explore this theme more this year.

It's Bright! Coffee Tones Ring Bowl
Inside Ring Bowl 3 Seasonal Ring Bowl

What can I say? I’m a sucker for bowls. These are a few of the latest batch of ring bowls I’ve made with the glass inners. They are instant gratification as far as vessels go.

Tile Trends

If you have a look on Etsy you’ll see that tile jewelry is hugely popular. Insanely so. Scrabble tile, domino tile, glass tile.. you name it. In clay, you have whole videos and classes on how to make tile bracelets. Granted, my tiles are all clay.

Tile bracelet Tile bracelet

These were fun – just in time for my show on the weekend. I didn’t put them on stretch cord after fighting with it. Instead they use multi-strand fancy clasps. Little bits of findings I’ve accumulated over the years.