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Favourite Things

I’ve made so many little clay items this fall and I’m just starting to catalogue them now that the shows are done. My bad!

Penguin Pins

The little penguin pins turned out to be happy successes. I made all of the little penguins and snowmen backing cards so that they could be neatly inserted into my earring boxes and then displayed at shows. I sold them as “perfect for your teacher and aunt gifts”.

Group Shot

A perennial favourite at my craft fairs (and I’ll admit it, I love MAKING them) are the my little ring bowls. Here are a few of the ones left. These will get a bit of a change up in the new year as Ikea no longer sells these precise glass bowls.

Now that the shows are done until the New Year – I’m thinking of doing one in February – I’m going to concentrate on winding up the other clay craziness so I can start fresh in 2011!


As I sit down for my lunch break, I’m happy to say I’m making some progress this week in churning through my to-do list! I will have a new supplies of tiny bowls, medium sized bowls and other assorted covered glassware by the end of the weekend. This makes me positively giddy!

Here’s a snap of what the chaos on my table looks like right at the moment though:

On the Clay Table Today

After I get these guys covered, canes will get put away, scraps sorted back out and on to the next clay thing. Beads I think.