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The Bead Soup Partner

I took the leap of faith and put my name in the hat for the Bead Soup blog hop. And got a spot (and a partner to trade soup makings with!). My partner is Cilla Watkins, another Canadian jewellery artist, from the very pretty town of Salmon Arm in the British Columbia interior.

I was happy to see she has a little of the same jewellerymaking vibe as me. Makes it easier to pick out treats then even if I know we’re supposed to be sending challenging bits and pieces to our partners.

Cilla has her own site at Tell Your Girlfriends and sells her work on Etsy in her shop of the same name.

For Cilla, here’s a teaser of what I popped in the mailbox for you:

One of those few times I get to use the silly filters in Photoshop! Yay!

Pomomama: a Feature

I’ve seen Ebb & Flo pretty much since I joined Etsy – I made a particular effort to look up and keep an eye on Canadian sellers – and she’s a pretty familiar face for forum lurkers like me! So when I found out that I had the perfect chance to dig a little bit more as a result of the Blog-a-Day Giveaway, I was happy. Here’s a little more about the artist who sells as both Ebb and Flo (unique, handcrafted jewelry) and Pomomama (handmade supplies, papercrafts and patterns).

cufflinks copper gold wire crochet cuff

Tell us a little about yourself!
I’m a SAHM who crafts in, around and in spite of her family in an effort to stay sane.

What inspires or influences your work? What themes or motifs do you notice most often?
Quirky shapes and unusual presentations influence my work. I’m also noticing colour a lot more than I used to. Blue/green is my comfort zone but I’m trying to break free. Glass is a favourite medium.

Do you have a favourite piece or series? If so, do you have links to them?
I really like my flotsam pieces as I think these are very unusual, combining wire, metal and fibre with felting. Here are some examples.

Have you done any work specifically for the winter holiday season?
I produced a Fall range in copper wire crochet and metal and have been working on winter ‘bling’ for the party season. These will be available at the craft fairs I attend soon.

What lead you to sell online? What’s the best part? The most challenging?
I had a hobby which made me happy but due to household budgeting I needed to make it self sufficient. ….. and it is now but not solely from selling online.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
Wire, metal, fibre and I love setting pieces of art glass from the amazing Etsy glass makers eg. Willowglass, Lis Kidder and Shoozles

Where can we find you online?
At Pomomama Design – www.pomomamadesign.com

Do you have any specials, promos, or upcoming events you’d like to tell us about?

Ebb & Flo goodies will be at Devil May Wear in Vancouver, BC

If YOU are interested in entering the Blog-a-Day Giveaway, all you need to do is check out the goodies on the site, pick one (or several, you can enter multiple times), and write a post about the person’s shop, pieces, blog or some other related item. Once you have done that, return to the Giveaway page and leave a comment with a link to the post. Voila! You have an entry. You have one entry per comment and the giveaways continue till December 4th.

Happy Second Birthday!

April 2008 marked the second full year my blog-web site combo has run! The site averages just about 600 hits a day with 120 unique visits. There are more than 40 pages and 120 blog posts now. There have been nearly 200 comments on my posts and Akismet tells me that it has munched 8,890 spam items since I installed it.

The most common entry pages are my free tutorials. The web shop has more than 80 items (though some seem to regularly, gratifyingly go out of stock!) with a few being added each week.

The site got a redesign and new gadgets added this year. I streamlined some parts and added the widgets for the web shop and contact pages. There are a few new freebie tutorials in the works and I am slowly fleshing out my gallery section. I started using Flickr to keep a record of what is happening with my art over time, added my polymer clay blogroll to my sidebar on the blog front page.

Overall I’ve learned an awful lot just by the exercise of running this place – improving my photography, my technique, focusing on the core parts of a project,  social networking and on and on. Here’s hoping that year #3 is just as gratifying as the first two.