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I got back from a spring-like visit to the west coast to it still being winter. I have to tell you, I am sincerely sick of winter. On the plus side the local house finches found our feeder finally and have entertained me. The sparrows and them have an ongoing feud about it. The waxwings are a little big to fit on the feeder so they’re forced to fight for the parts the birds spread everywhere.

Seagull Beads

One of the cool things about selling online has been the chance to try and make what other bead users would like. Someone asked me for seagull beads last week, based on bird cane beads I’d been making and this is what I came up with:

Seagull Cane

The starting cane turned out happy so I was excited to get reducing.

Seagull canes

The cane reduced nicely, always something I worry about a bit with odd shapes.

Seagull Beads

The finished beads were pretty much just what I wanted. I love when projects come together how I pictured. The customer tells me they’re perfect, so that’s even better!


Yellow Warbler

This little guy – a yellow warbler Google says – is a recurring theme around here. He got stuck in the Explorer last summer. This year he’s back and looking for company or letting the world know he’s found it.

We woke us up at 5:30 this morning to the click, click, click, flutter sound of him bouncing off our bedroom window, beak first, over and over. Then he followed me to the kitchen window where I took pictures and little videos of him thumping against the glass.

He had our cat’s undivided attention until the rainstorm moved him out of sight. I can still hear him singing merrily out there somewhere though.

And I have a tray of beads just that shade of yellow in progress…