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Beads on my Table

Little Fairie Flowers

There are always beads on my table.

Baked Things

Sometimes there’s LOTS of beads on my table. Especially when it’s a bake-more-than-one-pan day like today…

More Baked Things

Mostly all of those beads get holes or a little paint or varnish or sanding but I did actually turn a few of them into a daisy chain bracelet.

Daisy Chain Bracelet

When I first started beading I used to make miles of daisy chains. Years later I made the first of these tiny little flower beads (they’re 1/2″ or less across). They’re cute but I don’t use them for much except as dangles on bigger pieces. This is a prototype because I’d love some simple “wrap” style bracelet with these. This one is strung on memory wire with a firm hook loop to help it keep it’s shape. The leaves dangle from part of the clasp.

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A Little Bare


Not that the studio is bare or even slightly empty but my bead table – ie: the project pile – is a little barren right now. I’m still working through the backlog of cleaning, organizing and planning from the bead show. Up there is a snapshot of some of the big wholesale order of metal stuff that was waiting for me when I came home.

Just Baked

This is what I baked up this morning. I’m hoping to run my slightly belated spring sale soon (coincide it with the BSBP reveal on Saturday maybe?) and trying to top up all of the crowd favourites in my shop before it goes on.

Next Up

These will be thicker flat flower beads. They work great for simpler stringing than the dangle flowers. I often antique and distress them a little when I use them in pieces. Once these guys are done I’ll photo the whole collection I have left from the bead show and list them all.

How’s your bead table look? If you want to share, check out the Bead Table Wednesday group on Flickr.