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They Came! They Came!

You’re all going to be jealous. I got the beads from my Bead Soup partner the other day and they are a treat. First, they were packaged ADORABLY. I actually remembered to take time and snap a picture of that before ripping into them! So proud of myself.

Bead Soup

Then I opened them. My daughters comment, on watching the opening was: “Mind. Blown.” (add appropriate gestures). I believe this is teenager for Wow!

Bead Soup

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with these yet but they were so lovely I promptly took them to my weekly crafty meeting to show off to all of the friends. They were as impressed as I was with how very pretty these all were. We took turns admiring the lampwork, smiling at the focal, staring at the handmade clasp, commenting on how cute the packaging.

Stay tuned for way, way more from the Bead Soup saga.