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The Bead Soup is Back

A few years ago I participated (several times actually!) in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party and when I found there would be another one this year I signed me right up. I found out I got Sam Waghorn, of Pale Moon Creations, for my swap partner. Sam is much more on the ball than I am and regularly posts delightful things on her blog and Facebook page.

Part of the whole bead swap process is posting a really artsy teaser of what you’ve sent your partner so I took a photo of the little monsters I’d rounded up from my hoard (my horde of hoards?) before they rolled away again and photoshopped it. Sometimes the weirder filters in there come in handy.

Bead Soup Blog Party Teaser

This is to be the bead hoarder edition of the bead soup blog hop so I made sure to tuck in a couple beads I have from over the years that I love but for some reason or the other have not used. Before I really settled down and started cranking out masses of my own beads I bought many more focal or fancy other beads. I still do when I go places: buy local rocks, local artisan lampwork if I find it. Or do swaps and trades.