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Halloween and Christmas and New Stuff… oh my

I know. It’s August. It’s still summer. And I’ve had a lot of this autumn goodness out in the shop most of the year anyways. Humour me, though. This is the start of the roll out of the fall themed goodies to the Tooaquarius Etsy shop.

1. Pumpkin Beads 2. Black Cat Beads 3. Boo Beads 4. Poinsettia Cane Group 5. Black Cat Stripe Beads 6. Snowflake Canes 7. Hot Sauce Canes 8. Jack O Lantern Canes 9. Starlight Mint Canes 10. Raven Beads 11. Starlight Mint Beads 12. Sunflower Cane Set 13. Jack O Lantern Beads 14. Fall Leaf Beads 15. Red Poinsettia Canes

You can also find most of the seasonal stuff in the section for it!

Week 34: The Autumn Harvest


Not that it’s autumn yet but it’s heading that way. The main season where I live is winter. There’s a brief nod towards spring, a happy dash with summer then somewhere between melting hot and deep freeze is the time of year when you pick your garden veggies and kick leaf piles. Which is what the canes are about this last few weeks of summer. Autumn leaves, harvest vegetables.


Plus, they make cute beads.


Not that I didn’t take advantage of the last days of full time help to get more dragon ornaments worked on. My studio help heads back to school in a few days so I’ll be back to doing most of my own production work again. She promises me she’ll keep on helping but I admit I’ll be sad to lose the all day company.