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The Handmade in Canada Party

The TransCanada Etsy Team and the Alberta Etsy Team are joining forces for a Canada Day Party! The TransCanada team has organized a treasure hunt and two seriously awesome prizes as part of the whole deal. There are a ton of details in the post about it, so check that out.

I’ll be offering my crowd favourite FREE SHIPPING in my Etsy shops until July 4th (may as well celebrate the south of the border folks too!). You can see what the rest of the Alberta Team is up to as well!

Great Big Mushy Thanks

The Alberta Street Team is a pretty awesome street team and one of the very awesome things it does, week in, week out, is to do a thorough critique of member shops. Yesterday was my turn. Most of the critiques are of newer members but we managed to find a nice little stack of polishing tasks for my bead shop on Etsy.

So my great big mushy thanks of the week has to go out to Joan of ASecondTime who is the host and ringmaster of the weekly circus.

My Black Heart

What sort of items did I get suggested? Add a little bit of personality to my shop announcement, a bit about my years of experience to my profile, more navigation links in my descriptions and to include additional photos, perhaps using completed pieces to show scale and examples. We discussed advertising, promotions and how to market better. It really is easier with a little help from your friends.

The Shop: Fall Harvest Sale

From My Window

Okay so this is a different tact than usual. Why? Well I’m doing a shout out for my Alberta Street Team‘s Fall Harvest Sale. In my case ‘fall’ seems to be more about falling snow than falling leaves, thus the picture. Take pity on me and read on.

There are 60 shops participating in the sale. 60! I’ve snatched up a few goodies for gifts and I encourage everyone else to have a peek. The blog post on the team’s blog has us broken up into the categories we mostly list in but I’ll hit some of the highlights because window shopping is more in my budget:

ASecondTime makes neato watch part jewelry. Splurge has a pearl obsession. DearAnge makes fabulous metal jewelry.

BarefootTams, littlejumpingbeans, StrandedDesigns all make baby and children’s treasures. I have 3 new nephews from this year alone (busy family huh?) so I’m checking them out.

Glasscircus makes dishes and shiny glass pieces (I have a weakness for interesting plates and bowls). Baloo makes beautiful woven items but what catches me in her shop each time is this beautiful spoon. Sybillinart creates pretty collage art with a sweet, romantic feel.

MisticalAcScents has a shop full of yummy looking items. CarvelCountrySoaps does too but I don’t advise EATING hers. MoLStationery turns old packaging into notebooks.

And because right at the moment I am sitting with little chilled fingers in my basement office we have OffTheHooks gloves. Some pretty blue jewelry from CindyLouWho2 and little buggy cards from HDawnParatt that would be perfect for the bug hater on your Halloween list(Hi Mom!).