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Week 3: Fairy Doors

Before I packed Chloe off to school she got started on a stack of fairy doors for the shop and show season. Some of them were still left to finish up so I’ll be churning away at those for a bit. Here’s the first few out of the oven!

They’ll get their backs painted out and probably a little antiquing here and there.

I use my own fairy doors in the succulent pots at the shop and out in the flower buckets all summer. I’ve found the clay to be pretty sturdy and I haven’t noticed much in the way of fading or staining. Apart from a little Varathane here and there for shiny bits I don’t coat them although I imagine the outdoor formula would be best if I were clear coating the whole deal.

This is Week 3 of the 2018 Polymer Clay Challenge. If you’re a clayer you should totally join in or at least check out what’s going on.

Week 2: Challenge Accepted

I missed Week 1 of this year’s polymer clay challenge – and I’ll probably miss a bunch of other weeks – while I was away in Calgary but I’m hopping in to week 2 with a few of this week’s beads.

It’s a pretty random collection of beads because I’m trying to use up some of the bead canes in my boxes as well as fill orders. Still, it made an interesting bead pile.

If you’re a polymer clayer interested in a weekly challenge, Katie runs a good group for it on Facebook. You can find the information in her post here. And I suppose since this is beads on a Wednesday it qualifies as a Bead Table Wednesday post, too!