This would be the shop FAQ. If you think of something I need to add to this, please let me know!

The Products | What is Made To Order? | Do You Offer Wholesale or Volume Discounts? | Do You Do Custom Orders? | How Can I Pay? | Do You Ship Internationally? | How Long Does This Take? | Do You Accept Returns / Do Refunds? | Can I Buy Your Stuff Anywhere Else?

The Products

Currently, everything I sell is handmade by me or, as I like to joke, my minions in my studio. I use good quality polymer clay in the creation of all of my beads and canes – usually Sculpey! Premo.

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What is Made To Order?

Many of the items on the site are made to order. This means that the pieces are put into my queue when you’ve ordered them and will be shipped out when completed. Typically, this is in the 1-2 week range and I will email you and let you know what the lead time is. Other items are ready to go and will be marked as such.

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Do You Offer Wholesale or Volume Discounts?

I certainly do! You’ll need to contact me to discuss that though. You can reach me via the handy contact us link.

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Do You Do Custom Orders?

I do custom orders based on existing pieces and designs. For beads, this means a change in quantities, colours, graphics. For canes, a new picture, colour or, in some cases, size.

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How Can I Pay?

For online sales, I accept PayPal and credit card payments through PayPal (the shopping cart handles all that!). This protects both of us. If you are in Canada and would dearly love to pay by cheque or eInterac, contact me and we can work out the details but PayPal is my preference.

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Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes I do! I’m happy to ship wherever you need pieces to go. I charge actual cost of shipping plus a small amount (under a $) to cover packaging. Customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer so be aware of this when you purchase.

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Hey! You’re in Canada! That’s Far Away!

Yep, it is. Packages mailed to you may take 1-3 weeks to arrive. I have had very few items go completely missing but there’s been two in the last 6 years that took the long way home. Usually parcels to the USA arrive in 1-2 weeks and to overseas destination in 1-3 weeks. We can discuss replacements or refunds at the 4 week range but this happens very infrequently.

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Do You Accept Returns / Do Refunds?

If the piece is not what you hoped – the colour isn’t what you wanted or something like that – let me know when you receive it and pop it back in the mail to me. When I receive it I will be happy to either refund you or send you a new piece.

If there is breakage or some other problem resulting in the product being unsalable, snap a picture of it and contact me so that we can work out whether a refund or a replacement would be best. Each situation is unique so contact me and we can work out the details.

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Can I Buy Your Stuff Anywhere Else?

You bet! I also sell online in my Etsy Shops: Tooaquarius and Field and Fable.

Offline, Field and Fable is my own brick and mortar shop. I do shows in Alberta and Saskatchewan so you have the chance to buy it right from the source. Check out my Calendar to see if I’ll be by.

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