Turquoise Feather Cane


A blue green turquoise feather cane.

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A blue green turquoise feather cane. Slices off this cane can be used to make individual beads or combined in all sorts of other ways. This type of cane is used to make the feather slice beads found elsewhere in my shop like these: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/590496395/turquoise-feather-beads-pale-blue-green

• Measures: 1.25″(33mm) wide x 2″(50mm) long approx.
• Bake at: 275°F(130°C)) for 30 mins. per 1/4″(6mm)

All of my canes are wrapped in plastic and boxed so that they have a comfy and safe trip to you!


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