Purple-y Pink Feather Beads


Ten (10) little fantasy bird feather beads

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Ten (10) little fantasy bird feather beads made from my own polymer clay canes. These feathers are muted purple-y pink colours with a subtle shimmer. The beads are drilled front to back through the feather “base” – check out the second photo – but if you’d like a second hole through the other tip, just let me know. Like all polymer clay beads, these are lightweight for their size.

• Size: varies but approximately 1 to 1.25″ long by 1/2″ wide and 1/8″ thick (25-30mm long by 12mm wide by 3-4mm thick)
• Holes: 1/16″ or approximately 1.6mm

This type of bead ships either boxed or in a layered between card to keep it comfy and safe until it gets to you.


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