Flower Cane Sampler


A sample size of raw or unbaked polymer clay canes.



A sample size of raw or unbaked polymer clay canes. The first photo shows some of the designs I have – you’ll get a random selection of what I have on hand, 8-9 pieces of 1/4″ to under 1″. The canes include but definitely not limited to roses, daisies, leaves, violets, lilacs, lilies, pansies, butterflies and bees. The pieces are randomly selected but feel free to make a general request like pinks or roses or no bugs. For a post about what you can make with this quantity of cane please see:

• http://www.tooaquarius.com/2007/02/07/1-ounce/

This is an excellent way to give polymer clay canes a try and help me clear out my studio! If you have a specific ‘regular set’ request you’d like, of normal 2″ lengths of any of these canes do let me know! These canes are the type you use to make “layered beads” like the ones in the http://www.etsy.com/shop/tooaquarius?section_id=11202909 section of my shop. I have a post about how to use these to make beads or cover small items:

• http://www.tooaquarius.com/tutorials/making-round-beads/

• Measures: from 1/2″ to 1″ in length. Widths vary (mostly around 1/2″ as that’s the size I store most of my canes at), all are wrapped.
• Amount: there will be 8-9 pieces in each set
• Clay: Premo, mostly


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