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Halloween is Coming

Even though spring 2020 was about 3 years long and summer is barely here I’m prepping my online shops for fall stuff because a) shipping is taking FOREVER and b) I really like Halloween things. They’re fun to make. They run the gamut from spooky to silly. I made a fresh Jack O Lantern and a silly cobweb bead. There will be another black cat against the moon bead and some more Halloween themed canes – you can keep an eye on what shows up in my Etsy shop for Halloween goods here.

In a sort of reverse chronology I’ll also have some autumn leaves (and just a lot more leaves in general) showing up in my Etsy shop (and my site shop, after) next week and then we’ll be onto the Christmas in July releases.

The I-Wish-I-Were-At-Expo Sale

This was to be my Calgary Expo weekend and next weekend was to be my first Regina Sask Expo weekend. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic they’ve been canceled for this year and that’s all to the good. We need to get a grip on the virus before we start dumping people back into big, packed together, groups again. And that may be a while even if Canada is making some decent progress on #plankingthecurve.

Where does that leave all of us little Artist Alley vendors? Well, I put up my sale in my Etsy shop, same as last year – it’s 20% off orders of $20 or more – and I loaded up the site here which currently has free shipping because I haven’t got the module set up quite right yet. It says it’s charging it but it actually isn’t, yet, which tells me it’s an issue with the gateway. I just haven’t had the chance to go and tweak that yet.

And now I’m going to be a sad, mad little geek and hope that 2021 sees us in a much better spot! Be safe folks, none of this is fun without you!