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The Most Minor of Disabilities

We all have our hurdles in life. Sometimes you luck out and get something that’s temporary or repairable or overcomeable. Sometimes you’re stuck with the feature. Mine is a speech issue; I’ve got, essentially, permanent laryngitis. It feels and sounds pretty much like you’d expect.

Has it stopped me from doing shows, teaching, having regular jobs? Nope. It has just made them harder. Sometimes the sheer number of additional steps to accomplish something others get the first try makes me throw up my hands in frustration. I’d scream but… I really can’t.

I deliberately picked education and work that did not need me to be the front facing person. Mostly that’s enough. I’m posting this because around this time I’ll be starting to post videos with my own voice-overs. I will tweak the levels so they’re loud enough but I have anxiety about the fact that it is still going to be weird to others… and I hate sticking out. Hate it. A lot.

Here’s to leaping out of your comfort zone!

There Will Be Videos

I have a love-hate relationship with video but I’m determined to get this sorted! Etsy now allows us to add little short clips to our listings and so I added lots of 10 second clips of me poking beads as a way of showing scale and depth. I’ll probably add some of me slicing canes or showing what I made with the cane for cane listings.

On the YouTube front, I’ve added the videos for two more of my old tutorials: the flower centre cane and the six petal flower cane. I will work my way through more of my site tutorials to update them a bit. Most of them were made in 2006-10! They’d be heading to middle and high school if they were kids!