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The One with the Strawberry Pinata

With the worst of the pandemic waning my SIL is heading back to the US right away. She’d come home, along with my niece, to wait it out here where there was family support. That meant I’ve gotten to see my niece a whole bunch more… and this weekend, on the eve of their return home, she turned six. I decided I’d make a pinata and stuff it full of treats.

I picked a tutorial off the internet – this one in fact – and gave it a shot. Being an experienced crafter I made two in case one was a colossal failure. That meant both made it all the way to the end stage out of sheer orneriness and I ended up with two strawberry pinatas.

We hung one at the party for the small folks to whack at and it was pretty good. All of them got a few swings and everyone got a little bag of candy and silly toys. It was a party in the park, with the kids playing in the spray park, eating cupcakes and throwing frisbees. There were just enough kids to make it loud and cheerful.

I’m now thinking of making a bit more nerdy pinata for the yearly gaming party in the fall to celebrate the return to Face to Face events.

Material Shortages and Weird Supply Issues

There’s no secret – my preferred clay is Sculpey Premo and the related Sculpey stuff. With the COVID19 pandemic Polyform, the parent company, has had all sorts of issues with keeping up stock at distributors and my already shaky supply chain has become hit or miss. Living in rural Canada has always made getting materials a bit of a mess but there’s nothing like a global pandemic to mess up shipping and production.

It means that I’ve started stockpiling when I do find materials and I’ve been buying bits and pieces of other brands to use. I’ve cranked through some of my very, very old Fimo clay and I tried Cernit for the first time in… a very long time.

I have enough scraps and bits and pieces I’ll be able to keep making stuff for ages yet but I’m out of some of the colours I use for specific pieces in my shops … and of course they’re my most popular sellers. I hope they show back up as restrictions and shortages begin to ease. It has been a weird year and a bit!