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2020 Continues To Do It’s Thing

There’s a lot made on the internet about how incredibly crazy 2020 has been for the world and for North America. And then last week we got to see the horrifying video of the extra-judicial execution of George Floyd, a Black man, in the US by police. This incident set off protests across the US and a lot of the rest of the world in solidarity. In the week+ since there has been non stop coverage of protests against police brutality being met with… police brutality and military level force. Conversations are beginning to be had about what societal reforms need to occur to bring about a peace that does not rely on the threat of violence by the state against the most vulnerable populations.

I am not religious but I come from a religious background and got a decent education. In the Bible, a passage in Luke 12 says roughly: To whom much is given, much is required.

In essence, if you have the privilege and the duty given to you to protect and serve people… you, above all, must be the most careful and the most gentle. Violence of any sort should be the last, infinitely sad, resort.

There is a lot of more intelligent, thoughtful, and yes, angry, discussion about this happening out on the internet. Read up. Perhaps we can come away from this with fewer people dying. I am going to be so much more depressed and disillusioned if we get out of 2020 without some serious growth.


Getting A Jump On Things

I already sort of work on off-season items like Christmas ornaments all year long but this year – what with the #covid19 pandemic and the resulting everything by mail – I figured I would try harder to do fall and Christmas stuff well in advance.

Tentatively, fall and Halloween to go live in June and then Christmas to roll out in July. This helps with selling the stuff, of course, but also with the insanely slow mail. With all the safety precautions and all of the extra order by mail volume… mail service hasn’t been so speedy. And I worry a little that the US will just dissolve their federal postal service, stranding a lot of us who sell and buy from there.

Anyways, I’m experimenting with more vibrant pumpkins! This one rocked as a pumpkin and then I sort of wrecked it as a crooked little jack o’ lantern. Luckily, I loaded up on fresh orange clay! More pumpkin canes coming right up!

The Days Are Getting Longer

There was a quote from Gretchen Rubin that I first read when my daughter was small: The days are long but the years are short. It was meant to describe, at least in part, how time drags on when you’re the caregiver for little kids but afterwards the time seems to have flown by. It perfectly encapsulated the first few, physically demanding, years of being a single mom. And now, with a 21 year old, it REALLY describes how the years were so short.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic I’ve had that feeling again. The days, when you’re not sure what’s going to happen one to the next, when sometimes the news changes every single hour and always every single day, seem long again. And yet the time keeps slipping by. So the years will be short again.

And of course we’re heading into summer so the days really are getting longer. Stuff is growing. The weather is warmer. And here, at least, the numbers are coming down for the pandemic. The cases are beginning to plateau and leadership at all levels is carefully working on how to get us back to the regular world. Except I think the regular world is going to be the Old Regular World and what comes next will be the New Regular World.

I can’t quite see what that’ll be yet. I hope we take some of the lessons from the pandemic with us. I hope we carry some of the good things over. I worry about how many people are getting hurt, never mind sick or dying, along the way. I’ve been productive with my art, in fits and spurts, making good stuff some days before spending a week doing only the minimal stuff to get by. I haven’t found my footing yet.

How are you guys doing out there?