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I Am Grateful

I struggle with the idea that you should be grateful for everything you have because, let’s face it, a lot of what you have was simply what happened. I am not a big believer in karma.

It was Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday and it’s like the smaller, less commercial, version of the US Thanksgiving. It’s definitely autumn here but there’s no snow yet. The leaves are that achingly beautiful and completely insane colour mix that they do every fall. I’ll get to eat a huge meal with my in-laws later. It won’t make up for the fact that I am missing my own family supper because of the pandemic but I am grateful just the same for that bit of normalcy.

I am grateful for all the little things that surround me even if I’m a bit more nebulous about the huge ones. My cats are a delight. My coffee is perfect. I got to sleep in a bit.

There’s this great Maya Angelou quote that probably sums it up, where I can get behind it if we use “wonderful” as in full of wonder:

“This is a wonderful day, I’ve never seen it before.”

Pandemic Craft Shows

All of the events I registered for this year were cancelled. I agree with that – none of us wants to become ill or make others ill – but it makes 2020 a miserable little year for shows.

It isn’t surprising then that all sorts of groups are putting on virtual tradeshows. These vary in approaches and, being a good little web based business, I’ve been cautious about signing up. I finally decided to give the Etsy Canada branded ones a shot. I’m missing my buds and these should be people who are fairly experienced with online sales.

My Etsy Saskatchewan group one runs November 7 & 8 and then one I’m joining On the Spot Pop Up (Edmonton) Etsy for is the weekend after, November 14 & 15. Most of us will be running sales of some sort and offering free local delivery or pickup. Local, of course, is a loaded word when your region has 40,000 people in a 200km radius but we’ll see how this goes.

TL; DR: there’s some good sales coming up in November in my Etsy shop!

The Most Minor of Disabilities

We all have our hurdles in life. Sometimes you luck out and get something that’s temporary or repairable or overcomeable. Sometimes you’re stuck with the feature. Mine is a speech issue; I’ve got, essentially, permanent laryngitis. It feels and sounds pretty much like you’d expect.

Has it stopped me from doing shows, teaching, having regular jobs? Nope. It has just made them harder. Sometimes the sheer number of additional steps to accomplish something others get the first try makes me throw up my hands in frustration. I’d scream but… I really can’t.

I deliberately picked education and work that did not need me to be the front facing person. Mostly that’s enough. I’m posting this because around this time I’ll be starting to post videos with my own voice-overs. I will tweak the levels so they’re loud enough but I have anxiety about the fact that it is still going to be weird to others… and I hate sticking out. Hate it. A lot.

Here’s to leaping out of your comfort zone!