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Etsy Made in Canada 2019

My Etsy team is holding our Etsy Made in Canada events again, this Saturday, in Saskatoon and Regina. This year I’ll be joining the Regina leg of the show (deets in the picture above!) along with 30 other teamies. It should be a pretty awesome day with lots of great, handmade art and craft. Erin Pell, our team captain, will be orchestrating / masterminding the Saskatoon leg of the show.

You can see vendor profiles and details and get questions answered at the Facebook pages for each event:

Week 21: Shows and Clay


I’m a little late actually posting my Week 21 – which was super productive – so here’s a bonus shot from the show I was super productive for. This was the yearly Lilac Festival in Calgary, Alberta. The weather was fabulous, there were huge crowds and I didn’t forget anything. Pretty much the ideal outdoor show.


I made bracelets with pillow beads. I like playing with wire and beads the most so this is my happy place.


Then there was the pile of chokers. Useful things that use up my orphan beads and let me dig into my bead stash.


And a fresh batch of bowls. After beads, bowls are my favourite things. Not even that far after beads. The little bowls are hugely popular so there’s often a batch in progress at my studio.