The Covering Round Christmas Ornament Project

The latest video tutorial – the video is at the bottom of this post – is for my covering round ornaments one. Turns out I wrote that in December of 2009 so I guess it was up for a little updating.

Someone who watched the video requested some instructions for the canes and I’ll get those up pretty quick. They’re fairly basic canes made from my scrap pile so your results will vary… and they’re not small canes. Reduce quantities accordingly.

Making Mints is Fun

That would be making polymer clay mints, of course. I had a post from 2010(!) about making candy canes and I decided to do an update of sorts. You can find starlight mints here especially around Christmas and they make great cane designs. I turned them into piles of beads and canes in my Etsy shop, too… because of course I did. I’m going to use a few little tiny slices for the buttons on this year’s clay gingerbread ornaments.

The update is a YouTube video. I used blends for the colour bars and it looks much more fun than the flat colour. Have a watch!

The Etsy Market: the Edmonton Version

Since it’s a virtual market and these are friends – some are even folks I was teamies with back when I lived in Alberta and it was just an Alberta team! – I’m doing the show with these crazy folks this Saturday and Sunday (November 14 & November 15)

Check out my shop for a whole bunch of new stuff and a 20% off coupon with no minimum order. You can access that here:

If you’re local (in Swift Current or area) you can swing by my shop and pick your order up and I will refund your shipping!

You can see the rest of the offerings here.