The I-Wish-I-Were-At-Expo Sale

This was to be my Calgary Expo weekend and next weekend was to be my first Regina Sask Expo weekend. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic they’ve been canceled for this year and that’s all to the good. We need to get a grip on the virus before we start dumping people back into big, packed together, groups again. And that may be a while even if Canada is making some decent progress on #plankingthecurve.

Where does that leave all of us little Artist Alley vendors? Well, I put up my sale in my Etsy shop, same as last year – it’s 20% off orders of $20 or more – and I loaded up the site here which currently has free shipping because I haven’t got the module set up quite right yet. It says it’s charging it but it actually isn’t, yet, which tells me it’s an issue with the gateway. I just haven’t had the chance to go and tweak that yet.

And now I’m going to be a sad, mad little geek and hope that 2021 sees us in a much better spot! Be safe folks, none of this is fun without you!

The Quarantine Birds

I love little birds as a theme for my work – beads, drawing, sculpture… whatever form. Before the outbreak I already had a fair assortment of bird themed beads in my shop but I guess other folks decided now was the time to see what they wanted, as far as bird beads go.

As far as themes for the outbreak go little, mostly cute, birds is a pretty mild one I think. Anyone else got a recurring visual element in their pandemic art practice?

Filling Up The Shop

I’ve had this website a good long time – at least 14 years in this form – and I’ve had a working shop for a bunch of that. Sometimes there’s a few things in it. Sometimes there’s lots.

I’ve begun the mass export of my listings from Etsy to here – Etsy allows you to export listing CSVs and WooCommerce to import them – and once they’re on here I’ll curate them a little better. I’ll probably winnow my site shop down to the top 50% because I have a LOT of stuff.

For customers the important part is: I’ll be selling in Canadian dollars on my website. That makes it substantially less expensive. For me, this is a much, MUCH less expensive place to sell my work so it works out for me.

Please let me know if you see any issues! Shipping profiles, in particular, are going to need some tweaking.