The Best Requests

In a year and a half of really awful times I’ve had some small good moments: customer requests that were inspirational and motivating. I have one who has asked for dozens of leaf canes this year and it’s been a way to stretch. She inspired the ones here, too.

Next I’ll have to figure some fun ways to use these since I always hold a few crumbs for myself. The customer makes all sorts of earrings – you can see them here.

Halloween and Christmas and New Stuff… oh my

I know. It’s August. It’s still summer. And I’ve had a lot of this autumn goodness out in the shop most of the year anyways. Humour me, though. This is the start of the roll out of the fall themed goodies to the Tooaquarius Etsy shop.

1. Pumpkin Beads 2. Black Cat Beads 3. Boo Beads 4. Poinsettia Cane Group 5. Black Cat Stripe Beads 6. Snowflake Canes 7. Hot Sauce Canes 8. Jack O Lantern Canes 9. Starlight Mint Canes 10. Raven Beads 11. Starlight Mint Beads 12. Sunflower Cane Set 13. Jack O Lantern Beads 14. Fall Leaf Beads 15. Red Poinsettia Canes

You can also find most of the seasonal stuff in the section for it!

The One with the Strawberry Pinata

With the worst of the pandemic waning my SIL is heading back to the US right away. She’d come home, along with my niece, to wait it out here where there was family support. That meant I’ve gotten to see my niece a whole bunch more… and this weekend, on the eve of their return home, she turned six. I decided I’d make a pinata and stuff it full of treats.

I picked a tutorial off the internet – this one in fact – and gave it a shot. Being an experienced crafter I made two in case one was a colossal failure. That meant both made it all the way to the end stage out of sheer orneriness and I ended up with two strawberry pinatas.

We hung one at the party for the small folks to whack at and it was pretty good. All of them got a few swings and everyone got a little bag of candy and silly toys. It was a party in the park, with the kids playing in the spray park, eating cupcakes and throwing frisbees. There were just enough kids to make it loud and cheerful.

I’m now thinking of making a bit more nerdy pinata for the yearly gaming party in the fall to celebrate the return to Face to Face events.