How Do I Get In Touch?

The best way to contact me is through my site’s contact form. From there were we can figure out the details!

Do you have a newsletter?

I do! You can subscribe by adding your email to the widget in the right hand sidebar. You can unsubscribe the same way or by dropping me a note via my contact form. No hard feelings, I promise.

Do you sell your work?

Yep! I sell a couple lines of beads, raw clay canes and jewelry online as well as ornaments and vessels offline. Current offerings can be found in the shop on my site, in my Etsy cane shop, my Etsy bead shop or my Artfire shop.

My alter ego – Aquarius Creative – is where I sell template based and custom designed small business websites, graphics and other 2D items.

Do you do custom work?

Absolutely. I am happy to make items that are ‘in line’ with my regular work, in the quantity or colour schemes you’d like. To get the ball rolling on that please contact me.

How much is custom work?

For pieces that are similar to what I do my general fee is regular price + 25%. For completely custom work we would need to hash out the details to arrive at something we can both live with.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I ship wherever is needed. Shipping can vary from what my shopping cart assigns but is normally $2.50 in Canada and $3.00 to the US and $4.50 overseas. Prices are all in Canadian dollars.

Where do you live?

I live in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s a not-too-small small town under the Big Sky of the Canadian prairies.

Clay sounds cool! Where do I find out more?

I have some Getting Started information on my site as well as some basic tutorials and lessons. My links page also has a ton of useful sites listed – for beginners I heartily recommend the Sculpey website and

How do you make that cane?

Here’s a potentially touchy one. Some of my canes I’ll happily point you where I learned it. They’re variations on simple designs I found on the net or that I’ve already released on my site. No problem.

Some of my canes are my unique designs or designs I’ve reverse engineered from other’s work or designs from peoples books. In other words they represent someone else’s time and money. Those designs I can point you in the right direction to find but cannot share out.

Do you teach classes?

I can teach local classes on clay basics or intermediate and advanced techniques regarding millefiori and beadmaking with polymer clay. If I’m not local to you I recommend the IPCA’s list of members for teachers or PCC’s somewhat dated list of the same.

If you need a quick demo of a technique I can probably either do a small presentation on webcam or hook you up with someone who can.