Bored Fidgeting

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I call it bored fidgeting but what it means is pretty much randomly switching the website theme for the non-shop right in the depth of the seasonal rush.

Bear with me as I make a mess of this and the shop over the coming week. My previous theme, which I love to bits, has not been supported by it’s developer for years and the time has come to switch to something else that is both supported and works on mobile.

Part of this will be getting the Shopify part of the site updated as Etsy keeps being problematic.

If you’re at all curious about the WordPress guts of this site I’ll be customizing the default theme, Twenty Twenty Four, as an exercise in learning how the block editor works better. I had previously used a very customized version of a theme called Make which predated the block editor.

Change is a good thing I keep telling myself.

2 Responses

  1. I have successfully avoided learning the block editor so far, but I suppose eventually I am going to have to bite the bullet if I don’t want to become a relic. Good on you for going there!

  2. The next day I caved and went over to one of the editors I use for client work. I spent a good 8 hours trying to get what I wanted with the block editor and it didn’t even come close. I’m probably missing something boringly obvious but I just needed the damn site to work and look somewhat like the shopify I’m using for the shopping cart! Sheesh.

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