Making Videos Again

I am a firm believer in getting back up if you fall down (always assuming getting back up serves you) and so… I have more videos on YouTube. These are all ones I filmed last year to post last year but hey, partially done projects on my computer! There are two up right now: How to Make a Cluster Flower Cane (a Lilac!) and How to Make a Butterfly Wing Cane. The follow up to the wing cane video, which is about going from that cane to the complete butterfly cane, goes live on Saturday at noon and you’ll have to keep an eye on my channel to see that one.

I’m pretty sure there’s a few more of these in my project folder waiting for the last little bits to be done to them. There’s also a bunch of newer stuff, too, including some vlog style content about the day to day life of doing art full time with a studio and a storefront in a small town.

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