Shows and Optimism

Way back, before the world sort of ended in March of 2020, I had registered for various shows that would happen in 2020. Turns out world wide pandemics leads to canceled events.

I’m giving this all a shot again this year. The first two, the Calgary Fan Expo and the Saskatoon Expo, are coming right up towards the end of April and the start of May. I’ve got Artist Alley booths in both and some cute new stuff to show off. I’ll post more details as I get booth numbers and layouts.

There’s also concerts and other stuff happening a little later in the year. Here’s hoping it really is going to be safe to edge out into the regular world again. I’ll be fully vaccinated and boosted and probably wearing a good mask at everything just in case but I’m hoping!

(as a side note: masks + speech disability + loud events = extra hell)