The Poinsettia Cane Tutorial Video

ad for a video about how to make polymer clay poinsettias

I meant to get this out earlier in the year but that just did not happen – 2021 was a pain – but it’s here! Before Christmas, even. Have a look at the video on YouTube: Make a Poinsettia Cane from Polymer Clay
This really IS, at it’s base, the leaf cane tutorial and the six petal flower cane tutorial. You make the fun leaf cane and then you assemble it like a regular six petal flower cane except some of the gaps get a second, tiny petal before adding background clay. I did this whole video with other colours – a different red, a translucent background – and it was poorly made so I redid it. The results are still wobbly but much clearer.

I have written a fair amount about poinsettia canes and what I do with them over the years. The extra footage from making this video will probably turn into a couple other posts. You can check the poinsettia themed posts out here: The written instructions for the leaf cane (ahem, poinsettia petal!) are here: