What to Make: Using Leaf Canes

I have been making stuff with polymer clay for a long time. I started with clay to make the beads for my jewellerymaking hobby and kept going until I had boxes of beads and canes. At some point I got selling the beads and canes themselves and now, here we are.

polymer clay leaf canes

At the 20+ year point I still make stuff that is new to me or at least not *common* and that’s this stack of canes, lots of leaves. A customer requested a bunch of leaf designs that were a bit of a jump from my normal thing. I tend to make a pretty basic leaf cane over and over – I have a video about it, a tutorial, it gets used on a lot of my beads – but this was a chance to challenge myself to make some more interesting stuff. Leafy beads. Leafy sculpture. Leafy art. We’ll see what I get up to but here’s a few bits to start!

This is going to be a series of posts about what the canes and beads I make and sell can be used for. You can see the other posts here.

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