The Heart Cane & The Scrap Pile

I’m not sure if this is for all brands of polymer clay but for the ones I use – made by Polyform or the Sculpey people – out of the US… supply has gotten a little low since the pandemic. I’m not sure if it’s because the factory got hit with COVID cases. Or if the area has stricter safety regulations than the sort of slack ones where I am. Or if the materials used in producing polymer clay are similar to those used in PPE production and thus just not available. It just means that clay has been hard to get in the colours and quantity I’m used to.

I’ve had to start digging into the scrap pile. Good thing I have a heckuva scrap pile.

I put it to good use with this cane! It reduced well, has made a bunch of beads and cane pieces… and a pretty long video for YouTube if you want to make your own version: