The 2021 Bead Soup Swap Challenge Is On

I’m pretty sure I did my first Bead Soup Blog Hop in 2012 and a few more after that. Since then the internet has more solidly moved over to micro blogging on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter so this year’s swap is going to be here and on my IG/FB.

My partner, Dorit Woldenga, sent me this fun cup of soup with the super pretty cloisonn` focal to use. There’s a bit of a challenge in here – I almost never work in bright gold tones – but I think I’m up for it!

I took the picture of Dorit’s soup at home… which meant my calico had to come see if I was having fun without her. It reminds me why I avoid doing jewellerymaking and other crafty stuff at home these days.

Here’s a snapshot of the soup I sent along and a handful of Elaine beads for her to try out.

The final reveal date is April 3rd and I will make sure and remind you all!

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