The Grand Catch Up

Etsy SK Spring Market

I long ago decided I would try blogging regularly and that I also wouldn’t apologize (too much) when I didn’t manage to blog regularly. So I’m kinda breaking with that for the moment and apologizing for not only not blogging but for breaking my website for months due to a stupid syntax error in my code somewhere. Like a lot of code bugs, after months of not finding it, one day I found it seconds before asking for help from someone higher up the food chain.

In terms of catch up: that fall show went off pretty darned well. I then switched web hosts (which wrecked the site, see above), did a few other shows including the Calgary Fan Expo for the first time and then, this weekend, there was this year’s Etsy Saskatchewan Spring Show which had all the plot twists we could handle before coming together well and ending happily. It’s now gardening season again in the real world and cranking out stock season in the work world. I’ve got help this summer! Expert help even: Chloe is home and working with us this summer.