Week 10: Bunny and Carrot

Maybe 2/3 of the beads I make are flowers or flowery. There’s no particular reason for it other than I like to have a theme and that it’s a forgiving sort of design to do. Variations on a theme require less thought than completely new designs. When I make a design I tend to then do a whole slew of variants. My bird canes? I think I have a half dozen versions now with several more to come. The new tulips? Yep.

Then, sometimes, I get asked to make seasonal canes and beads. Years ago I made a bunny and carrot cane. Turned out the carrot became one of my standard, reliably purchased bead offerings (who would have guessed?) but I hadn’t taken another try at the rabbit design until last week when I made a cane and then slice beads from it. They’re fairly adorable and have a Velveteen Rabbit / Peter Rabbit vibe going which makes me happy.

I will have instructions written up for the carrots as a downloadable tutorial fairly quickly. And I turned some of the canes into earrings because why not? Also, Easter is coming right up.